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When a property is involved in a real estate transfer a survey is usually required by the lender and title company. The reason is to ensure that the  property description in the deed holds true so the title company can insure the transfer. Simply put, the buyer needs to know exactly what will belong to them.

When you are planning on building a fence, addition or structure, you need to comply wih local zoning and building ordinances. You need to know precisely where your boundaries are so you can stay within these limits.

Protect yourself from boundary disputes with neighbors by having a certified survey for your property.

Reliable property boundary and

surveys for title

- Title survey

- Mortgage survey

- Plot Plan

- Certified survey

- Residential surveys

Before you begin a project take a few moments to speak with our professionals so we can advise you on possible risks. If it's determined that you need a survey we can provide fast and accurate results.

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