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Don't build on your land without getting a proper survey first. You'll avoid conflicts with neighbors and potentially save yourself a great deal of time and money. Whether you are selling all or just a portion of your property, refinancing, building a new house,  building a swimming pool or fence, you will benefit from having the information you need.

When you are involved in commercial property development you will benefit the most when you obtain your land survey services from an experienced professional who understands the intricacies and confidential nature

of a commercial property transaction.

Whether you are buying, selling, subdividing or building you will need to have a land survey for the property.

  • A property is sold

  • A property is subdivided

  • A structure is built

  • You're in a FEMA flood zone

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Benefit from a land survey

Commercial property surveys

Land surveys are needed when:

Comprehensive survey services

Land Surveying

CNY Land Surveying is committed to innovative land surveying technology and is proud to be a surveying firm offering the latest in land surveying solutions. Staying current with the advances in technology allows us to increase our productivity and hold down your costs. We offer the following types of surveys:

Protect your property with

an accurate land survey